Hannigram AU
Michael Kohlhaas/Prince Char

During one of his wars, Michael Kohlhaas goes too far from home and gets lost in a strange forest where trees can move. One of them walks on one of his horses and Michael is pretty pissed off. If there is something he really can’t stand, it’s his horses being hurt!

That’s why angry Michael decides to go at war against the Ents. Because Michael, when he’s pissed off, he goes at war! It’s his favorite hobby.

While looking for the Ents, he meets in the wood a young man called Prince Char. Michael asks him to fight the Ents with him. Because if there is something Michael loves more than war, it’s bringing other men into battles with him. And Prince Char being a prince, he has nothing else to do with his life so he agrees.

Soon the two men are looking for the Ents together. But Michael is wondering if this was a good idea. Char is a good fighter but he’s always babbling. And smiling! And even sometimes, he sings! And he dances! It’s really getting on Michael’s nerves and he doesn’t know if he can stand this any longer.

(This one is for my friend Cymeteria. I was explaining to her how Michael Kohlhaas was a boring movie and… why scenes with only trees??? Trees don’t even move!!! And then she told me trees can move in LOTR and… I don’t know how, this AU happened).

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